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本文摘要:正文翻译原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:包谷就是玉米 转载请注明出处译者按:富婆的爱都这么直接的吗?


正文翻译原创翻译:龙腾网 http://www.ltaaa.com 翻译:包谷就是玉米 转载请注明出处译者按:富婆的爱都这么直接的吗?视频字幕There's always existed in Asia these hidden invisible fortunes and people who spend millions of dollars a year on the finest things in life but do it totally under the radar.恒久以来,在亚洲有钱人都不露富,至于现在有些人在一年为了最高质量的生活能花掉上百万美金,不外只是没有什么有心人会注意到这一点而已。How much of my book is based on reality? About a hundred and fifty percent.我写的书 (《疯狂亚洲富豪》) 有几多真实身分?或许百分之一百五吧Couture week in Paris is the creme de la creme. We're talking about dresses that start in the tens of thousands and go up to the millions.巴黎时装周是这一切的英华,走秀所出的时装从数万美元报价,甚至最高可达百万美元。And only about 2 thousand women in the world can afford to dress this way.全世界或许只有 2000 名富婆肩负得起I was lucky enough to spend couture week in Paris with some truly stylish insiders.我很幸运能够和时尚圈内真正的时髦一起到场巴黎高级定制时装周Exactly. Feiping Chang is this dynamo. She, I think, was raised partially in Sydney and in Singapore. She now makes Hong Kong her home where she's become one of the most important fashion influencers in Asia.完全正确,张翡玶基础是魅力发电机。

我记得她在雪梨另有新加坡长大,现在则定居在香港,而且酿成了亚洲时尚界最具影响力的人物之一。It's always nice coming back to Fashion Week. And you join your fashion family and see everybody. It's always a nice little reunion.每次回到时装周感受都很不错,你又能见到时尚圈朋侪,就像一场优美的小团聚。

I don't think Americans for the most part really understand how this level of Asian women shop. When I see something come down the runway I know in my gut and in my heart that it's meant to be. I think that connection makes everything more special.多数美国人应该都不太相识这身价的女人们是怎么购物的,当我被T台上的某个物件吸引,我就已经知道它是我的掷中注定的了。Everything's really about this private experience.Couture itself was made to make the client feel special. It's made for you.最重要的就是这种专属小我私家的履历,高级定制生来就是要转达给主顾这种奇特的感受,它是专门为你制造的。

Going to these very exclusive fashion shows and then going for your private fittings.到场这些高等的时装秀,再接着就是小我私家试装环节了But then also there are jewelry showings and jewelry parties where they meet jewelers and select stones and really being in that world of helping to create what they buy. So the spending is on a whole other level.同时他们也会在珠宝秀、珠宝派对上与工匠碰面,挑选宝石、在购置前实际到场制作历程,也因此所费巨资。I really want to see the behind the scenes and the seamstresses are the real heroes. That's true. It's so nice to see where all the materials and all the embroidery comes from before it gets to the runway.我真的很想到幕后看看,女成衣们绝对是幕后推手,确实如此,能在展示前先看看材质与刺绣原本的容貌真的很棒。

Like Lesage, I'm in love with. Like the embroidery is so beautiful.像我崇敬的刺绣工匠 François Lesage,他的刺绣品太漂亮了。You have an appointment and then you just get to try on all these beautiful clothes and decide which piece you want.事先预约,然后就去试穿林林总总的漂亮衣服,然后再决议要购置哪一件Even just going to fittings or like when you're attending shows they're just there putting dresses on you. It's just so fun.即便只是试穿,或是出席一场秀,主办方都市把衣服套到你身上,整个历程充满兴趣。

On average we do sort of three fittings cause I think my body changes during that time anyways.通常而言我们定制一套服装会试穿三次,因为我的身体在这段时间里几多都市有改变What are the shows you're looking forward to?男主道:你最期待的是哪几场展出?Definitely Giambattista Valli tonight. He's my favorite as you know, so...富婆道:绝对是今晚的 Giambattista Valli,你知道的,他是我最爱的设计师 ......He did your wedding dress right?男主道:是他制作了你的婚纱对吧?Yes, he did.富婆道:没错就是他What was the process like? I came to Paris a year before my wedding. At first I was only going to do one dress and then in the end it evolved into two very different dresses which was great.历程如何呢?我在婚礼的前一年来到巴黎,起初我只想要一件制服,但很兴奋最后酿成买了两件唯一无二的制服。Because the main dress was a big tulle creation. And the second one is entirely made of silk, so... and it has these hand crafted petals that he painted each petal on.主制服是华美的薄纱,第二件则是丝绸,它上面有许多手工花瓣,都是他画的So did he supervise the fittings?男主道:那他也卖力监视你的试装吗?You do the most beautiful customizing on the Birkins.柏金包能让你享有最美的定制体验So you paint on them don't you?男主道:你会在上面画画对吧?Well, I do.富婆道:对啊When did that start?男主道:你何时开始想在上面画画的?I had a lizard skin Birkin and it was orange and I was eating french fries at Chile's.我那时有个蜥蜴皮柏金包,橘色的,我那时在智利餐厅吃着薯条And they had cheese so I did not notice that it was already under my bag when I brought it home. I tried to clean it and I asked around and it was just impossible to fix.他们都市加奶酪;我拎着包包回家时,没注意到奶酪已经沾上去了,我试着弄洁净,问了很多多少人,可是全都没有用。So I said, "Okay, why don't I paint on it?" And I loved it.于是我就想,好吧,我何不在上面画画呢?然后我就无法自拔了Do you get a sense that you are a part of this new generation? of sort of fashion influencers?你们是否认为自己是这个新时代的人呢(新时代的洗衣粉,新时代的人,新时代的小女人,洗澡不关门),身为时尚界的意见首脑?You know, there's no other way to put it.男主道:如你所知,虽然没有更好的说辞They lives these lives of imperial splendor.她们过的生活确实宛如女王般雍容华贵。




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